This is Not What I Expected

by I'm Jim Morrison, I'm Dead

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This is the first full-length release by South Ural based band «I'm Jim Morrison, I'm Dead».
Written from autumn 2012 to March 2014.
Recorded from November 2013 to March 2014.
First track is intro, last track is Bandcamp-only bonus cover.


released March 31, 2014

Lyrics and music by IJMID.
Guitar, bowed guitar and bass by Wenzel Rollmann.
Bass at tracks 6 & 10 by Quixote of La Mancha.
Noises at track 1 by Quixote of La Mancha & Wenzel Rollmann.
All vocals by Quixote of La Mancha.
Drums by Mr. Diggy.



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


I'm Jim Morrison, I'm Dead Yemanzhelinsk, Russia

«I’m Jim Morrison, I’m Dead» was an independent post-punk/goth experimental band from South Ural.

In 2015 changed it's name to "The Other Witch Will Die Tomorrow".

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Track Name: It Can Never Be Meant to Any Practical End
You see, control can never be a means to any practical end... It can never be a means to anything but more control.
Track Name: Skies of November
Somewhere on the cross of roads
We led us astray, headlights went out.
We were laughing, but scared,
We were fallen about it.

And we wanted to get far
Away from this haven of snakes.
The script of night we are not able
To read. It's in the cradle.

Lo, behold, we are already
Tearing through rivers and towns.
Void and cold and lonesome ones;
It's time to stop running around.
And we finally took this trip
One afternoon in autumn.
Our feet, touching the mountain peak;
Let's take this train or this big ship.
And we sleep next to each other,
Hand in hand, and from now on
I smile at the grey November skies.

So we are taking time.
Track Name: The Uncontrol
Moaning wind is driving faster
Shadows follows you and you wander
'til the black crux rise in front of you
You've found everything was after you

It was like jumping in river trying to save yourself
From rain and it was like many times rose again
And many times he died. but you don't get it
So give your life blood in blood pit

You had uncontrol
Never willing to step out of hole
You had uncontrol
Never was enough in your soul

Here's a scream of unlived life
Unresting crying at the skies
And avid jaws consuming time
The only one snapshot in your line

Falling you see the cruxes walk
Thus somber mass fights last time
For a long distance to earthborn heart
You had uncontrol, this was last start

You had uncontrol
Never willing to step out of hole
You had uncontrol
Never was enough in your soul
Track Name: I Heard a Cry
A thousand boys are coming inside
The closets, the attics, on branches of trees
And dust is blowing in the wind
Over the silver of their skinny ease
Splinters of pearls, opals are falling
Silently through clean air
I heard a cry is speeding away
Outside for miles of despair

Time overpass them, boys
Now turn into senile men
For years and years of idle musing
The dream has grown into nothing
Train is passing through while roaring
Droning steamboat, wailing horn
Me start thinking it's all only
Because of things were left undone
Track Name: Become Blind
Cold blind windows
That's all I see
Light has gone far
So far from me
Shadows are waiting for coming night
Waiting for you to become blind

Faces are hidden in deep mirrors
Souls are damned endlessly, so
They cold hands touching your neck
They are near, behind your back
Track Name: Dream of a Pine Tree
Do you know what I need?
To escape into mountains, surrounded by tall trees,
A dream of grand green landscapes
Of a sun piercing the clouds
Of a pure and sparkling water
Of the scent of trees and the earth.
Each winter, I hope that in disappearing, the snow will show Earth' true face.
I will lay on the moss, and breath in the scent of flowers and wet soil.

Little by little, the city corrupts me
Obstructing my joyous thoughts ‘til the dream dies.
One day I will wake and open my black like asphalt eyes
And I will cry the tar tears
My blackened lungs miss the pure air
And my numbed heart like a bird out of nest.
Track Name: She Looks Like a Poet
The sun shines brightly
But never truly warms
And my words are senseless
I fear somebody got me wrong

It was not what I expected
Have you seen her scars?
Her arms are gashed so much
At night she fell apart
'cause one cannot be played again.

In my hair there is a wind
And I stare at cold sun
Don't you really feel the perennial void?

I just fly
In the heavens high
Foggy blur for my mind
And I am not uptight
Track Name: Two for a Sigh
Wordless silence
But whispers outside the wall in the night
Trying desperately to incarnate
Trying not to lose myself in the light
Noisy car is leaving me
In darkness disappearing without a trace
Bad luck to write my lines, words make in rhymes
Until my soul is completely numb.

Clocks are ticking relentlessly
Breaking days in me
I am already gone under this rain
Eternal emptiness in this pain

I hear the flowing of her clothes
And easy footsteps goes
From her black and white toes
Against the all laws
But it's alright
As she said
It's all alright
Just as she said
Track Name: Orlok
I decline to go further, land of spectre there is
Diabolical ride move to requiem mess
With his sinister features he seems the bat
He will give you the place with bed

Moving in trance, he will catch you at night
And now in the daylight your punctures are burning bright
Go find him in his crypt, resting dormant
Here in the coffin his name is the bird of death.